Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tab Vs PC

He had said me we will shrink the computer even more and more, but I had my argument. Though the technology will keep growing over and over but there would be a limit, yes at least to the ergonomics with these devices. I still wonder how people are using those qwerty pads on blackberry and smartphones. I simply can't type, I claim it, that there is a limit to the human fingers, you can not make them small, they will be what they are and that way the Tab is something that might win the game between a smartphone and laptop. Yes, some people don’t like them to carry, but when it comes to tapping keypad they are the optimum. However, my personal experience is that Tabs still have not fully replaced laptops in terms of the features and usability. I still find myself in search for something like CTRL+F whenever I want to find some text, may be a menu option is available but that is not what I am used to. A similar thing is to select a piece of text, no, not a word but say a paragraph, you can select a word by touching and holding it, but a piece of text! you can not, I search for a cursor to place it and do the shift+drag-mouse thing. I found problem even in drag-drop when working with blogger layouts. These are few things that I can't find on a Tab. Tabs  are good to tweet and do those Facebook likes and write short comments, but for someone like me who writes a large mails and long posts on Blogspot, we would need a laptop/PC!.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Blogger to Facebook and Twitter

There are too many accounts, facebook, twitter, instagram, flickr, blogger etc. And I was thinking if there could be something that can sync them. If I fire a post on blogger it must hit Facebook. My search got me some results, one way was through Facebook app RSS Graffiti, I was thinking to learn it. But soon I got another one, IFTTT, it is even wider and acts as the 'pipe'. My experience with it is amazing.  IFTTT stands for "If Then That" and it exactly does that. Something that one would want to try for sure if someone is messed up with too many 'channels' like me. 
IFTTT has good concepts or what it calls as recipes. You can create one or chose from many of the existing ones, chances are you will definitely find one for yourself, I chose following for twitter and one more for facebook, checked them off! Let me see if this post of mine goes automatically to update my Facebook and twitter accounts. If yes then IFTTT rocks! 

IFTTT Recipe: Send a tweet when you post something on your Blog connects blogger to twitter

Friday, October 24, 2014

Parrot Flower Power

I was just browsing around and came across this "Parrot Flower".
It claims to be a mobile app that senses your plants and gives you alert whenever they need attention.
If you are a plant lover and would like user such a gadget/device for your plants then check this out at

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

WhatsApp on Windows

[ A new version of this post is available here]

I did not expect it. My tab stopped working. He said, "Ati har cheej ki buri hoti hai". Whatever but in just few minutes I was desperate, feeling an urge to get connected to my contacts on WhatsApp. Left office early, collected my warranty papers for the tab and reached the store.  They have redirected me to Samsung store and I need to check them up tomorrow. Meanwhile I did some research online to get WhatsApp working from Laptop and I was indeed successful.

Here are three simple steps what you might want to try.

1. Download and install YouWave.
You can get this here -

2. Download WhatsApp APK file, (Android Installer) - WhatsApp.apk from WhatsApp site.

3. Put it in some folder and install it on youwave.

Now youwave is sosmething on trial for 10 days, and the time is enough for you to revive some mishap.

I am just guessing if Eclipse+Android SDK Manager can also do the trick for free forever! !!