Saturday, October 25, 2014

Blogger to Facebook and Twitter

There are too many accounts, facebook, twitter, instagram, flickr, blogger etc. And I was thinking if there could be something that can sync them. If I fire a post on blogger it must hit Facebook. My search got me some results, one way was through Facebook app RSS Graffiti, I was thinking to learn it. But soon I got another one, IFTTT, it is even wider and acts as the 'pipe'. My experience with it is amazing.  IFTTT stands for "If Then That" and it exactly does that. Something that one would want to try for sure if someone is messed up with too many 'channels' like me. 
IFTTT has good concepts or what it calls as recipes. You can create one or chose from many of the existing ones, chances are you will definitely find one for yourself, I chose following for twitter and one more for facebook, checked them off! Let me see if this post of mine goes automatically to update my Facebook and twitter accounts. If yes then IFTTT rocks! 

IFTTT Recipe: Send a tweet when you post something on your Blog connects blogger to twitter

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