Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tab Vs PC

He had said me we will shrink the computer even more and more, but I had my argument. Though the technology will keep growing over and over but there would be a limit, yes at least to the ergonomics with these devices. I still wonder how people are using those qwerty pads on blackberry and smartphones. I simply can't type, I claim it, that there is a limit to the human fingers, you can not make them small, they will be what they are and that way the Tab is something that might win the game between a smartphone and laptop. Yes, some people don’t like them to carry, but when it comes to tapping keypad they are the optimum. However, my personal experience is that Tabs still have not fully replaced laptops in terms of the features and usability. I still find myself in search for something like CTRL+F whenever I want to find some text, may be a menu option is available but that is not what I am used to. A similar thing is to select a piece of text, no, not a word but say a paragraph, you can select a word by touching and holding it, but a piece of text! you can not, I search for a cursor to place it and do the shift+drag-mouse thing. I found problem even in drag-drop when working with blogger layouts. These are few things that I can't find on a Tab. Tabs  are good to tweet and do those Facebook likes and write short comments, but for someone like me who writes a large mails and long posts on Blogspot, we would need a laptop/PC!.

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