Tuesday, October 14, 2014

WhatsApp on Windows

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I did not expect it. My tab stopped working. He said, "Ati har cheej ki buri hoti hai". Whatever but in just few minutes I was desperate, feeling an urge to get connected to my contacts on WhatsApp. Left office early, collected my warranty papers for the tab and reached the store.  They have redirected me to Samsung store and I need to check them up tomorrow. Meanwhile I did some research online to get WhatsApp working from Laptop and I was indeed successful.

Here are three simple steps what you might want to try.

1. Download and install YouWave.
You can get this here -

2. Download WhatsApp APK file, (Android Installer) - WhatsApp.apk from WhatsApp site.

3. Put it in some folder and install it on youwave.

Now youwave is sosmething on trial for 10 days, and the time is enough for you to revive some mishap.

I am just guessing if Eclipse+Android SDK Manager can also do the trick for free forever! !!

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