Sunday, November 16, 2014

My Amdocs Test

Two consultancies had scheduled me for the same day, when I got mail from both, I replied to one saying I have production support in office and will not be able to make it. I had to do it in order to avoid conflicts between them if I at all get a chance to get in later.

I rushed up on my new second-hand bike and reached in just few minutes. I thought I was just on time but there were many people and it was ok as things were not as "that tightly scheduled". There was this girl on the reception and I asked her for the contact person. The contact person herself was not available and someone else was co-ordinating on her behalf. He called me and another girl and guided us to one of their training room which they call lab. We were given a sheet which had Access Code and password. 

This was for the online test and the access-code was the unique id that belonged to me. 
(Round 1- online test-objective type-2 hour)
  • There were some sections like Aptitude, learning ability, java, j2ee, unix and sql. 
  • Some questions were like three pipes filling a volume in so and so many minutes... 
  • some questions on people sitting in a row facing north who is 3rd left to his right and 4th left etc... 
  • some questions on sets like some people are so, some people are so, now how many people are neither so and nor so...
  • Data interpretation, there was a bar graph and we had question to interpret some results like average and percentage, min, max
  • There was a passage about recovery and rescue disk and we had to answer some questions based on the passage....
  • There were also with some statements like in order to be selected for a post candidate must be of so and so age, he must be of so and so height and some more conditions. There were inference based on some conditions being true and some conditions not... we were given a case and asked to determine which inference the case fits in.
  • Some facts/conditions(typically two) were given and a problem statement was asked. To determine the solution of the problem statement whether if first fact alone is enough, whether second fact alone is enough,  neither first nor second facts are enough, both first and second are needed to solve the problem statement.
I had long back worked on some sample questions from "Competition Success" magazine, and those techniques were useful now to solve many problems.

Java section was easy, it is enough if you had read scjp book. Questions on overriding, strings immutable, exceptions, finally, final and finalize.

J2EE section was on jsp/servlets and ejbs(including session and entity).

Unix section was easy if you knew syntax of chmod, ls, grep, head, tail and working with vi editor. I could not do well here.

SQL not as easy, they were very specific to query details and all its syntax, not as ordinary as you might expect being a java developer because a question was even on TSQL syntax.

All this was to be done in 2 hours.

After the test they asked me to take a break. I rushed up to their cafetria on another floor and had a veg sandwich. 

They took lot of time almost half-hour to 45 minutes busy with handling other recruitment candidates who had come for Manual Testing, UI developer and other such positions.

Without disclosing the result of the online test they asked us to go for written test.

(Round 2- pen and paper test-1 hour)
Written test had two questions, we had to write java programs, (applying OOPs concept and nearly to compilable) with 1 hour time limit.

First question had a BlockingQueue and we had to implement enqueue and dequeue methods keeping in mind the size full and empty queue scenarios, these two operations should run indpedently and must wait for each other in case of empty or full scenarios. This was a multithreading question.

Second question was that an array has integers from 0-9 and one number is missed and one number is wrongly put in place of that missing number. So we have a missing number and a number appearing twice froma randomly arranged array of 0 to 9 integers. We need to determing missing and repeated number. 

I completed the test in 45 minutes and they asked me to leave for the day. It was almost 3:30 PM.

Hoping to be called for a face to face again. :)