Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Big Data, Data Science and Data Mining

I completed a course from Manipal Global on Hadoop recently. I had opted for an online-course and not instructor led and my experience has been good. The videos were able to cover the fundamentals and were able to build a base from where you can take forward yourself to being a hadoop developer. 
I am also registered to coursera for a specialization course.
I am also registered for a Data Mining course with TalentEdge affiliated to IITRoorkee. 

That is too much learning happening. Sad part is, Coursera wants you to be attentive through out the course, hardly you can skip a week, and should completely dedicated to it. So if you have other course in parallel and are also a working professional you would not be able to manage it all that great. I personally had to drop few course on coursera from in between half-ways. 

Data Science, Data mining and Big data are not completely the same thing.... I now have atleast some idea on Big data and exploring the rest two. I am now thinking to release my another course on Udemy based on my hadoop knowledge that I have gained.

Lessons from past one month

I came across This site is simply doing its job of answering questions. You have a question on any topic, just fire it up there in the right feed category and people will try to answer that. You get opinions and references for your any question on the subject.

I explored Google Analytics, Google Adwords and now going to explore Google AdSense. I did not master any of these but it has been a wonderful experience so far.

August 18th my course "Java Interview Guide" went live on Udemy. And since then I am busy promoting it. It is around a month now and all that I have is $18 earned so far. However, in trying to market my course I have learnt many other things that I would not learn being just a programmer. Words like SEO and Marketing are buzzing in my ears now. :P